The Tubon

This electronic instrument was an early version of keyboards for standing or ‘Keytars’ as they are called. The Tubon was invented by the company Joh Mustad AB who were based in Gothenburg, Sweden in the late sixties early seventies. This was a very rare type of electronic keyboard and very few were produced.The instrument consisted of a woodwind, contrabass and saxophone sound with an adjacent and vibrato volume control. The Tubon was mostly used by Finnish and Swedish bands.

Paul McCartney purchased a Tubon and composed ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ with it but was later replaced by a Chamberlin. In my opinion they should have kept the Tubon in Strawberry Fields Forever as it would of been a different sound to the chamberlin and also because of the fact that this electronic instrument is very rare.

Many Swedish and Finnish bands used the Tubon throughout the years, the most common piece of music where the tubon was included is a classic Swedish song called “Vad i helvete har de för sig på banken efter tre?” from Ladan. Translated into English it means, ‘What the hell are they doing at the bank after three o’clock?’.

The only other European band that used a tubon in their work was the electronic band Kraftwerk.

Here a videos of The Tubon!


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